Safety is Our #1 Value

As such, each employee throughout the region meets with their team members to conduct a daily safety huddle prior to going to their job for the day. Our employees are passionate about building communities to live in and roads to drive on. Take a look at some of the positions we employ throughout Northeastern New York:

Operations Positions

Administrative Positions

Internship Program

College, university, and trade school student interns – an important part of the Upstone Team. The internship program at Upstone is a great learning experience for college and trade school students. Our student interns are able to enhance and build their skills through coaching and on-the-job experience. The program provides a realistic job preview, allowing students to clarify their career goals and better plan for their future. Upstone’s internship program allows us to participate in the educational process and identify high potential candidates for future positions within our company.

Designing an Internship

The typical internship will last approximately 10 weeks, depending on the field and scope of work. We offer internships in several fields of study, including but not limited to:

As part of a global organization, we offer a world of opportunities for professional development. We will help you develop the skills you’ll need to succeed!